Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Gecko

The Phnom Penh Post publishes a little column called the Gecko every two weeks. It is full of rumour and scandal (though not as much as it used to). This week it highlights the developments in the important 'cafeteria issue' at the Court. Apparently The Shop has been unceremoniously removed, leaving the facility, which is located 10 miles out of town, without any food or drink services.

This may explain the reports from the Phnom Penh airport, where apparently since the beginning of the month two or three busloads of staff arrive each day to get lunch. No Cambodians in the group however, they must be bringing their own food to work?

If you are planning to go out to the court I guess it would be wise to eat before you go and bring some water with you. Might even be good idea to call ahead and see if they need any extra water and food delivered. 56 million and no cafeteria. I know the ECCC is not a rich court, but you would think at least food and water would have been a part of the plan.

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